Sodus Point, Sodus Center, Alton, South Sodus, Wallington & Joy, New York

Sodus, NY Chamber Meeting Minutes


Present: Chris Hopkins, Kara Hopkins, Jane Hopkins, Jim Hopkins, Mary Zonneville, Mary Jane Mumby, Craig Wollesen, Patty Paprocki, Beth Ares, David Ares, JR Ruiz, Nancy Ross, Alice Bill, Mackenzie Gelina

Treasure gave annual report: Total receipts of $8923.00 that included 89 business memberships, 4 civic memberships and 16 retired persons memberships. Total expenditures of $6558.08 that included promotional items, liability insurance, telephone. Web site invoice for 2017 not yet received. Sodus Point Coal Trestle mural shows donations of $2625.00 and expenses of 2871.55 that includes artist donation, supplies, and dedication ceremony including plaque.

Secretary passed previous minutes for review and there were no changes.

Old Business:
Meet and Greet the Candidates was successful. All but one candidate was represented or there. All felt it should be continued in current format.

Santa in the Park will be on November 24, starting at 6:00 pm. $200 was approved as donation and will also be asking for cookie donations.

New Business:
Mackenzie Gelina from the Zeal Center for Learning is a new Chamber member and she gave demo of chair yoga which is one aspect of her business.

Lions Club has asked if we want to have sign on the signage coming into the village along with the Masons and Rotary. Cost of logo sign from Lettering Lounge will be about $110 and a total of $400 for the 3 signs. Motion made by Patty and seconded by Chris to have Jim Hopkins coordinate getting these installed.

Elections of officers: Nomination committee present this slate of offices: President Jim Hopkins, Treasurer Patty Paprocki, Two Directors Nelson Kise and Nancy Ross. There were no nominations from the floor. Patty made a motion to close polls and have secretary cast one ballot, JR seconded. Motion carried.

Christmas party will be held at The Franklin House on Tuesday, Dec 5 starting at 6:00 pm. They will be closed to the public and we will order off the menu. It was decided that goods would be collected for the Council of Churches Sodus Community Christmas Sharing Program. Items of nonperishable food or new clothing that is not wrapped be brought. As a fun activity that night, Alice Bill wants to do a “Yankee Swap” where everyone brings a gag or good gift that is wrapped with a cost not to exceed $5.

Craig Wollesen suggested we do a carving pumpkin day at Camp Beechwood (if permitted) followed by a light show of the pumpkins after dark. He will coordinate with the town for this to happen at the end of October time frame.

Citizen of the Year Banquet will be at The Heights, manager Mike Munger suggested maybe holding on a Saturday instead of a Friday night. Board will discuss this at January meeting.

Presbyterian Church will be doing their annual Light Show.
St John’s Episcopal Church Christmas Bazaar is Dec 2, chamber to attend
Wallington Christmas Fireworks are December 10

Board of Directors will meet in January but there will be no general membership meeting. Regular meetings will resume in February.



Total of 26 attendees

Very brief meeting so that all could enjoy the view from the Old Lighthouse on a summer evening. Joe O'Toole and his crew set up the tables for us ahead of time.

Coal Trestle Mural was dedicated on July 7th with over 100 in attendance. We have received approximately $2000 in donations for maintenance and preservation. Bruce Farrington will be ordering the commemorative plaque with list of donors in the near future. Jim Hopkins to get protective coating on it before fall.

Harvest Fest will be biggest ever. All vendors spots are now filled. Main St from Gaylord to RG&E will be closed for the expanded Show and Shine car show. Flyers for both car show and harvest fest will be distributed at various local events.

Main Street grant has been submitted by the Village of Sodus and results won't be known until October.

Oversized post card with contact information for local villages, town, library etc., will be handed out at Harvest Fest; this will also help establish a headcount for attendance.

A Meet and Greet the Candidates will be held on October 15, at 1:00 pm at the Wallington Fire Hall. Each candidate will be allowed a 5-minute talk and will be selected in random order. After all candidates have spoken, refreshments will be served so that the public and the candidates will have an informal opportunity to speak one on one. There will be no formal question and answer segment.

Town of Sodus Historical Society's guest speaker will be Jim Paprocki, who is a Member of the Rochester Church Records Preservation Committee. He will be discussing using church records as a resource for a genealogy search, and how to digitize and preserve records. This is open to public on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm, Sodus First Presbyterian Church, East Main Street, Sodus.

There will be a second Party in the Park on Aug 25, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 and will feature Steve Bates and his karaoke machine.

Next Chamber meeting on Sept 7, will be at Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm, 7400 State Street Ext. They feature pure raw honey and beeswax products. Salad and sandwiches will be served for $5.00 per person. RSVPs needed by 9/1.

JUNE 2017

Total of 16 people attended the tour of Mizkan in Sodus Center
Treasurer reported balance of $7,334.80 in all accounts; harvest fest has balance of $919.89. Scholarship raffle brought in $1557.00 with a total of $1100.00 to be given out, remainder will stay in account for future scholarships. The Citizen of the Year banquet expenditures were $650.58 which mainly consisted of the advertising costs, gifts, and programs.
Scholarships will be awarded on Monday, June 5; one $500 in Ernie Piekunka name and two $250.00. The school will select the winners.

The coal trestle mural will be dedicated on July 7th on the old malt house in Sodus Point. Jim Hopkins is working with Dave from Katlynn Marine on the installation. NASP, Sodus Point Fire Dept. and the Sodus Bay Lighthouse have been asked to co-host the event. Joe O’Toole was present and agreed to help, Edie Farrington and Alice Bill to check with NASP and the SP fire dept.; Sandra Hamilton from the Town of Sodus Historical Society also volunteered their help. Ads will be placed in the local papers when more details have been arranged. Mary Jane Mumby to send donation letter to Genesee Brewery since their name appears on the mural.

Oversized postcard with local emergency numbers will be ordered for the Harvest Fest. It was decided to order 1000 and use the Chamber logo on front side.

Tour d Cure for the National Diabetes Foundation, will come through the Wallington Fire Dept. on June 10. The Chamber will be there to hand out refreshments and represent Sodus. A large picture display with items of interest such as the Harvest Fest, promotion of the local fresh produce, our murals, and more will be visible to the riders as they stop for refreshments. Over 500 riders are expected.

Main Street grant resolution will be voted on at the next Village Board meeting. A grant request for up to $500,000 will be submitted by LaBella Associates. The properties eligible will be in the approximate area as last time. Letters of support will be needed from local businesses, elected officials and Town residents. The chamber will do an eblast asking for these. They are needed back by 6/30/17 to Mayor Dave Englert.

Local festivals have started and the Chamber is asking people to take flyers with them to hand out to vendors and to the general public. “Vendor wanted” ads have been placed and we have about 60 signed up so far since over half of the vendors from last year have already signed up. Dave Crenshaw from Mizkan said he has a new 86-foot lift for us to use this year to drop the pumpkins from. There will be a Harvest Fest meeting in the near future.

There will be no meeting in July just the mural dedication. Next regular membership meeting will be our annual old-fashioned picnic on August 3 at the Lighthouse museum. Everyone asked to bring a dish to pass, the chamber will supply hot dogs and water. More details to follow.


Sodus Chamber of Commerce did not have regular meeting in April due to Financial Workshop


Sodus Chamber of Commerce did not have regular meeting in April due to Citizen of the Year Banquet


Sodus Chamber of Commerce did not have regular meeting in April due to Maxwell Creek Tour


Treasurer report – None given as Patty had to work
Secretary minutes – minutes from last regular meeting from November 3,2016 accepted

Old Business:
-Coal trestle mural update – Jim Hopkins passed around pictures of the detail work being done. No date set for installation.
-Horses on Parade -horse owned by Town so Chamber won’t be involved in relocating it unless asked by the Town to do so
-Rack cards and placement – Alice Bill and Belinda McElroy to do placement.
Need to be placed outside of Sodus for the most part
Sodus Point Info booth a must and Wayne County Tourism
Take or mail to: B & B’s; car dealerships, farmers markets, farm markets/stands
-Harvest Fest - Public organizational meeting on 2/16 at 6:00 pm at Sodus Library
Looking for ideas and volunteers

New Business:
-Main Street grant application with Village of Sodus
Info meeting on 2/6 for property owners
-Seminar on Town wide Reassessments 2/12 at 1 pm
Wallington Fire hall
Presented by Nathan Mack, Assessor
-Meet and Greet for Organizations and Groups
Saturday, March 11, at 1:00 at Wallington Fire hall
Need to promote to all churches, groups, etc.
Posters to be distributed
Need Chamber members there to man the table help with refreshments
-Citizen of the Year Banquet set for April 7
Alice and Sandi contacting Mike M at Country Club
Haven’t heard that Rotary is joining us for sure
Deadline for nominations is 2/27
Announcement 2/28
Deadline for dinner tickets is 3/27 (advanced sale only)
-Scholarship raffle – Paige, Monica, and Patty
Letters and tickets ready to go
-Tour de Cure Bike race – June 11
Last year over 700 stopped at Wallington fire hall
Need volunteers to help promote Sodus
-May 4 meeting being coordinated by J.R.Ruiz at Young Sommer Winery. This will be a financial services workshop with any speakers with various topics including long term care, national health care, social security and more. Invitations will be sent to all Wayne County chambers and their members.

The March 2nd meeting will be held at Maxwell Creek Bed and Breakfast with a short meeting and tour to follow. Cost of refreshments to be determined.


Board of Directors Meeting 1/4/17

Present: Alice Bill, Jim Hopkins, Jennie Sedore, Sandra Hamilton, Paige Watkins, Michele Kerr, Mary Jane Mumby

Established the schedule for 2017 (see attached).

Citizen of the Year Banquet
Sandi, Alice and Mary Jane to coordinated banquet at Country Club on 4/7
Ads for nominations to go in papers first of Feb
Selection made on 2/28 (at Jim Hopkins house) and announcement made next day
Deadline for dinner tickets will be 3/28
Paige to oversee raffle, will ask Patty Paprocki to help
Rotary to be contacted about their participation

Harvest Fest Public Meeting to be held on 2/16 at Library starting at 5:30
Public will be invited to submit ideas or serve on committee
Marketing seminar to be held in June for getting the most out of Harvest Fest for all business regardless if in Village or not. Mary Jane to take care of it

Tour de Cure bicycle race to be held on 6/10 at Wallington Fire hall
Discussed having more picture boards and people on hand to promote Sodus
Mary Jane to consider buying t shirts (preferably with v neck)

Main Street grant for Village of Sodus
Board of Directors voted in July 2016 to try for grant
Motion made and passed at this meeting to announce we will be the LPA (Local Plan Administer)
Village of Sodus will be asked for $5000 to use in administration of grant
Income tax repercussions to the chamber could be approximately $900.00 even though money does not stay in chambers possession.
Mary Jane to chair the committee, others on the committee will be Sandra Hamilton, Darrell Vassuer, Don Lessord, Bud Beckens
More information on the grant may be found at: